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Large power lithium battery electrodes


According to EV industrial policy goals ‘as forecasted by the international agency Frost Sullivan’and the United States’Argonne National Laboratory as well as an all countries declaration, it is estimated that by 2020, global car sales (including HEV, PHEV and BEV) will reach 100 million vehicles. Of these purely electric vehicle (BEV) will amount to 9 million vehicles or 9 percent of the global car market. This will have a tremendous effect to significant improvements to the parts of the electric cars.

Within the composition of electric vehicles, the battery is a probably the most important part that impacts the performance of the vehicles travel distance, cost, charging speed etc. At present automakers are eager to develop the batteries in the vehicle, which has many advantages. Such as high storage capacity, small size, high resistance, low cost etc.



Advanced Leading Technology has developed large capacity electrode out power for the lithium-ion battery,in relatively small packaging, can provide a high level of storage power and high power discharge. Based on a unique process breakthrough, not only is solved the lithium batteries overheating issues but also can greatly reduces the production cost.



» Non material –dependent ( Chemistry-in)

» Process steps without weld-spot

» Low cost

» Very low inner resistance

» Less Heat Output (self cooling preferred)

» Longer life expectancy (cycle count of 2500 or more)

» Smaller volume (15 percent of Toyota Prius batteries)

» Battery shape flexibility

» Materials recovery ratio is higher (More than 90 percent)


Specifications Introduction:

C Type Cell
Nominal Voltage 3.3V
Nominal Capacity 15AH
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 215A
Pulse Discharge Current (10sec) 320A
Cycle Life at 10C Discharge, 100% DOD 3000
Cell Weight 440g
Dimensions (typical, ±0.5mm) ∮130mm × 13.9mm


Product Image:

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